Solar Panel Installation for your home

Solar Panel Installation for your home

Count on us when you want solar panels installed on your property.

Custom Solar Panel Systems

Custom Solar Panel Systems

Let our expert design a custom solar system for your home.

Solar Consultation

Solar Consultation

Learn how solar can benefit your property.

Solar Panel Installation for your Business

Solar Panel Installation for your Business

Commercial Solar Panels for Businesses in NJ & NY

Use a Clean Energy Source for Your Home

Consult with a solar panel contractor in the Ramsey & Mahwah, NJ area

Tired of frequent power outages? Want to reduce your electricity bill? Solar power may be the solution you need. J&M Solar Roofing LLC is home to the experienced solar panel contractor you're looking for. We install top-of-the-line solar panels in Ramsey and Mahwah, NJ, and throughout Bergen County and the 5 boroughs of New York.

Contact us now if you'd like a solar panel consultation.

How we'll handle your installation

When it's time to find a solar panel contractor, end your search with us. You can count on our team for:


High-quality Work

We have the tools and experience needed to install your panels correctly.


Excellent Service

We'll work with you to help you finance your panels.


Competitive Prices

We do what we can to make your panels affordable.

We're a locally owned and operated business, and our owner has over 12 years of experience in the industry. To see what our local solar panel installer can do for you, schedule a solar consultation now.

Helping you upgrade your electrical system

Solar can seem like a large investment. Thankfully, you'll have an expert by your side if you want to install solar panels. You'll also save 40-60% a month on electricity! When you're ready to upgrade to solar, we'll:

Consult with you about the best location for solar panels on your property
Work with you to get a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for your panels
Install your new solar panels efficiently, so you can power your home
Remove or trim any trees that might block your panels from getting sunlight

A PPA is an agreement where a developer finances the design, permitting and installation of your solar system to improve your property at no cost to you. Our solar panel installer can help you arrange this kind of agreement. We install solar panels for PPA agreements and Palmetto solar panels for owner-financed installations.

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